Nail salon "Abacaba6471"

Our salon is the best nail bar in France! If you are a tourist and you are going to visit France don't hesitate to visit "Abacaba6471"! The most qualified manicurists and pedicurists in France will be happy to make your nails healthy and attractive. Since we prefer the organic vegan non-toxic nail polish, our procedures don't harm the environment and our clients. We often disinfect and sterilize our manicure instruments, so be sure you are safe with our nail technicians! azpoicvsda

We have different types of manicures (and pedicures) such as gel, ac rylic, shellac, and more...

You can also enjoy our manicures (and pedicures) procedures such as nail shaping, nail buffing, and more...

Be surprised with the low prices of our service


We are often asked about the duration of our procedures to take and l ast. So we collected popular questions and answered them for you!



Europe, France

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9 AM - 9 PM